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Welcome to the private school „Carpe Diem“

Carpe Diem is a coeducational secondary school with boarding school facility, located in Bad Neuenahr – Ahrweiler, Rhineland Palatinate in Germany.

The school is state-approved and is attended by 130 pupils from all over Germany and other countries.  Here pupils are prepared to take the in-house GCSE as well as the A-level exams.

The philosophy of our school is based on an integrated and humane approach to education with innovative character.

Personal development is the key to school success.

We highlight on values like open-mindedness, independence, humanity, team-work, courage and motivation.

See also: School conception.

Vision and aims

Education: Being a good school means guiding young people to their personal success.

At our school we adhere to Pestalozzi`s fundamental thesis that fostering the personal development of pupils is more important than preparing them for a job.

“First you are a child, then a human being and later an apprentice”

We emphasize the right balance between leading and letting grow. As such each child is guided and supported individually.

Based on these leading criteria, we do not only pursue the academic, but also the physical and social growth of the young people entrusted to us. Therefore, we value creative and artistic capabilities, mental training, sport and manual skills as much as cognitive knowledge. In so doing, we respect the natural development pattern of each child.

We strive to foster strong and well-balanced personalities, emotional intelligence and humanity through mutual respect, esteem and self-confidence.

Education, the capability to clearly express one’s own thoughts and the knowledge of History and Science are essential elements in our curricula. At the same time, we support a variety of physical, creative and educational activities. Further, we place an emphasis on mastering foreign language acquisition and developing an understanding of the political sciences to raise awareness about the world around us and enable pupils to confidently move forward into their personal and working future with full assurance.

Socialization: Being a good school means developing a fruitful partnership with external institutions and companies allowing our pupils to become a valid part of society.

Various internships provide the right framework for shaping young people's lives.


Principles of teaching: being a good school means using diverse and innovative methods.

The Rhineland Palatinate’s syllabus is the frame of our teaching contents. Our dedicated and experienced teachers monitor the process of teaching and learning ensuring the success of your child.

Our teaching is based on traditional as well as innovative academic models. Lessons are planned in close connection with current and future trends in all content areas. We strive to maintain a clear and easily understandable structure while implementing the use of media and information technology. Lessons do not follow a rigid scheme but are rather flexible and adjustable to fit the needs of the pupils – including, if necessary, on an individual basis.

The knowledge levels of our pupils, their abilities and their difficulties are continuously monitored through tests and exams.

The teacher does not only pass on knowledge but supports his/her pupils individually in the balanced development process of their social and practical abilities.

In order to maintain our high level of teaching standards, regular meetings take place where teachers can provide mutual feedback. By the same token, we encourage our staff to take part in professional development trainings, some of which are offered in our school.

GCSE (Mittlere Reife)

The GCSE exam certificate (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is currently indispensable in Germany for accessing any kind of job and is a qualification that is expected by all employers. Further, the higher the score in the final exam, the better the chances are to start a career that provides job security and an adequate income. Whether the intention is to continue on to the A-levels or to enter college - the GCSE is a necessary academic qualification. This officially-recognized exam is acquired by an in-house written and oral examination at the end of the 10th class.

A-level (Abitur)

For this final, state-approved exam pupils are prepared in small groups. This diploma enables young people to begin any field of study at any university and gives them the best chances for their future working life.

Unlike other schools, we do not require an average mark of 3.0 nor is there an age barrier.  Knowledge of a second foreign language as a prerequisite for entry to the upper classes and thus access to the A-level exam is also not required. The only entry requirement remains the GCSE certificate.

The exam consists of 4 written and 4 oral tests in different subjects.

The following subjects are taught at our school:

German, English, Mathematics, History, History of Art, Ethics, Philosophy, Geography, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Computing science, Social Studies, Politics and Business Studies. Pupils can choose between French, Latin, Spanish and Italian as a second foreign language.

Carpe Diem Boarding School Facility – The Johannisburg Community

Our Boarding Facility is the optimal complement to our all-day school. The historical building is located in the midst of a big park about one kilometer away from the school and offers children the possibility to participate in several activities. Public parks, swimming pools, tennis courts and archery facilities are within easy reach.

Life at the Boarding School fosters strong communal bonds. Well-being becomes a matter of common will and to feel safe and self-confident in a small and strong group is an important factor in the development of social and personal qualities. The pupils collectively experience the value of cooperation. At the same time, a stable and defined daily routine is important for the fulfillment of our goals and for a successful community life. Rules and principles like punctuality, structure and a sense of duty are essential. Combined with various leisure facilities our Boarding Facility accompanies the children`s growth.

A caring, capable and highly motivated staff guide and accompany our pupils.

Confidence, empathy and patience are essential for a well-balanced community. Living at a Boarding School helps children develop their strengths, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

A daily routine after lessons starts at 16.30 according to the school schedule. Pupils usually arrive on Sundays and go home after lunchtime on Friday.

Two institutions – one concept

Both our All-day School and Boarding Facility share the same conception and ideals.

The pupil, his/her well-being, as well as his/her natural and individual development are our main concern.

In both institutions there are clear, consistent rules and structures, which nevertheless allow each pupil enough freedom to develop his/her personal, moral and academic abilities under the leadership of a competent, caring and supportive team.

We regard the participation of our students and their right to a say as self-evident according to their age and interests.

The boarding school staff collaborates closely with our educators to support each child individually.

There is a regular exchange between both teams to focus on educational goals and to find out in which way each child’s development can best be fostered.

In addition to academic support, extra-curricular events, class trips or excursions are organized to develop and enhance the talents, concentration and motivation of the children.

Make use of the all-round support

Pupils are offered continuous and individual support by our specialized teaching staff, who are committed to the learning success and well-being of the children throughout the day.

The small number of pupils in a class facilitates the learning process enormously.

Additional courses are held in the afternoon apart from school lessons.


  • extra tuition
  • special courses for dyslexic pupils
  • concentration training
  • additional offers for talented pupils
  • extra support for foreign students.


Special arrangements can be made for other courses upon request.

To enjoy leisure time at its best Carpe Diem offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities: tennis, horse riding, archery, cooking, fitness, football or golf as well as music and art activities. 


The school fees include teaching, lunch and all afternoon activities.
Please contact us for further information.


Contact us

The choice of a suitable school for your children is not easy. Though you may gather further information from our website and get a first impression of our School and Boarding School Facility, we invite you to visit us personally, meet our staff and gain a sense of the fine ethos and energy that exists here.

To arrange an appointment please contact our secretary Mrs. Rita Fuhs.

We very much look forward to meeting you and your child soon.


Privatschule Carpe Diem GmbH

Hardtstraße 3
53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Phone: 02641/9181-0
Fax: 02641/9181-20

Out of office hours you can contact us on:  +491784921640 (mobile)


Rita Fuhs

Rita Fuhs | Phone: 0049 26 41 / 91 81-0

For further questions please use the form below.
We'll be glad to advise you in person.

Schüler- und Elternstimmen

“Mit Ihrer individuellen Begleitung und Förderung unterstützen Sie Ihre Schülerinnen und Schüler in ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung und bieten Ihnen ein bestmögliches Lernen, Erwachsen und Gedeihen. Das Vertrauen und die Zufriedenheit der Kinder und Jugendlichen sowie ihrer Eltern spiegeln sich in Ihrem Jubiläum wider. Sie bereiten die jungen Menschen aus Ihrem Hause auf das Leben vor, sodass diese “ihre Träume verfolgen und die Welt erobern” können.

Guido Orthen

“Richtig stolz. Es ist schwer, alles in Worte zu fassen, wie dankbar ich bin, was wir gemeinsam geleistet haben.

Vielen vielen Dank für alles!

Wir wünschen Ihnen und dem ganzen Team schöne Weihnachten!

Mit freundlichem Gruß.”

Nicole I.

“Wir wissen und schätzen es sehr, wie Sie sich alle auf Ihren Gebieten um unseren Sohn gekümmert haben, ihm ein Zuhause und eine Schule geboten haben, die ihn und uns gern und beruhigt durch jede Woche haben kommen lassen.”

Kathrin S.

„Hallo Herr Kamp, hallo Herr Bonsignore, hallo auch dem Rest des Kollegiums, ich werde vermutlich nicht die Zeit haben, mich bei jedem zu bedanken, daher schreibe ich einen Brief. Ich habe im vergangenen Schuljahr das erste Mal erleben dürfen, dass Schule nicht nur aus einem endlosen Scheitern und Frustration bestehen muss. Ich habe mich im letzten Jahr stark verändert und endlich ein Stück Selbstvertrauen dazu gewonnen. Die Carpe Diem hat mir den Nährboden gegeben, um dies überhaupt zu ermöglichen. Dafür bin ich unglaublich dankbar. Ich habe keinen Grund mehr zu schleimen, daher können Sie mir glauben, wenn ich sage, dass Sie alle Ihrem Beruf extrem engagiert und kompetent nachgehen. Ich wünsche Ihnen allen für die Zukunft alles Gute, Noah M.”

Noah M.

“Die Lehrer bemühen sich um jeden einzelnen Schüler.
Unser Sohn ging einfach in einer Riesenklasse unter.”

Dirk & Simone M., Düsseldorf

“Das soziale Miteinander und die außergewöhnlichen Projekte haben unsere Tochter
in ihrer Persönlichkeit wunderbar entwickeln lassen. Sie geht in der neuen Umgebung richtig auf.”

Peter G., Köln





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